How To Save Money On Repairs And Fix Appliances Yourself

Most of your household appliances will last us many years without much of an issue. However, they are not perfect and will eventually break down on us and need repair. At the very least, they are going to need a bit of maintenance every now and then. The problem is most of us dont know what to do when one of our major appliances breaks down and we immediately call a repair man to fix the issue.

This is definitely the easiest solution to the problem but it is not the most cost effective. Often times it can run $75 or more just for the repair man to step foot on your property. That doesnt even include any repair costs that may come about. Our goal is to provide you with enough information so you can easily take apart your appliance find what the problem is and put it back together. We will say, it does help if you are at least a little mechanically inclined.

Before you start to take apart your washer, dryer or any major appliance be sure to check the following three things first. Not following these tips could result in damage to your kitchen appliances or injury to yourself which is even worse.

Be sure to turn of the power when working on the unit. Many major appliances take a lot of electricity some are 240 watts. This can be very dangerous so be careful. Be sure to shut the gas off if you are repairing a gas stove. Dont touch the actual appliance while you are turning the power back on to it. If it still isnt working properly you should shut the power off again before you make any more adjustments.

If you find that the area where the problem is at is held together by welds or rivets it is probably beyond your line of skills and a professional repair man should be called out to check the appliance. If however, you can easily get to the piece by loosening bolts, nuts, or screws you have the green light and should proceed.

As with most things in life we have brand name products and cheaper products that dont carry the weight of the brand name behind them. In most cases, selecting the off brand will save you a lot of money on the repairs. Just be sure that the pieces are exactly the same in size and shape and you should be alright. If you cant find a good alternative then you better go with the original part from the manufacturer.

You can find replacement parts for you washer and dryer at your local big box hardware store. The most common parts that happen to break down or need replacement should be in stock. If however, they do not have in there we suggest looking online. You may even be able to find the original part with the brand name at greatly reduced prices rather than shopping directly from the manufacturers website.