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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Latex Mattresses

Without a doubt, one of the most commonly asked questions of customers looking to buy at our shop Mattress Time is; what are the pros and cons of buying a latex mattress. Here we'll take a look at a few advantages and disadvantages of buying a Latex Mattress. Here we'll take a look at a few advantages and disadvantages of buying a Latex Mattress. Advantages Comfort there is very little that can beat the comfort offered by a Latex Mattress. The supportive nature of the mattress can be attributed to the natural spring which the fabric offers. Pain relief - Latex mattresses are the preferred choice for many people who suffer from chronic back and joint pain. In addition, the use of a Latex Mattress is highly recommended by healthcare professionals in a variety of fields including physical therapy. Spinal alignment One of the most commonly referred to advantages of buying a Latex Mattress is its ability to naturally align the position of the user's spine. This is because heavier parts of the body are allowed to sink into the mattress while lighter areas such as the spine are offered great support. By doing this a Latex Mattress is able to properly support the spines natural curvature. This in turn also promotes better blood circulation. Natural product Latex is a completely natural product derived from the sap of the rubber tree. This means that the springiness you feel when lying down on the mattress is all natural. This also means that the material is free of toxic chemicals and metals. Resistance to mold The natural properties of Latex makes it resistant to dangerous mold. In addition is it also resistant to dust mites. Other mattresses which claim to be mold resistant are treated with harsh chemicals. This makes a Latex Mattress the ideal choice for anyone who is health conscious. Allergen-free Allergies which can be traced to the bedroom is largely due to the formation of dust and mold. Due to the fact that the Latex Mattresses are resistant to dust and mold they do not contain these allergens. This, in turn, offers relief to anyone who suffers from allergies all year round. Environmentally friendly The process which is used to manufacture Mattresses which are produced from 100% pure Latex is very environmentally friendly. Collecting the sap from a rubber tree does not kill the tree. Plantations are managed well to ensure the continued growth of the rubber tree. In addition, the trees remove harmful carbon dioxide from the surrounding environments, making the production of a Latex Mattress one which is sustainable. Air circulation The natural cell structure of Latex allows for great air circulation. The air flow in a Latex Mattress is further enhanced during the manufacturing process through the inclusion of a number of pinholes. Having a mattress which allows for good air circulation ensures that your night sleep will be cooler. Less movement A Latex Mattress does not allow for the transfer of movement. This means that an uneasy sleeper ill no longer affects those sleeping next to them. Durable Latex is an extremely durable material. This means that you new Latex Mattress will last much longer than any ordinary mattress. Disadvantages Heavy On average a Latex Mattress tends to be much heavier than other mattresses. This also means that they are much more difficult to move. Cost Due to the quality of the product, Latex Mattresses also tend to be more expensive than average mattresses. Having said this, a Latex Mattress is also much more durable. You'll experience the benefits of the Latex Mattress for much longer, making the additional price you paid well worth it.